Hoops For Hats

Hoops For Hats is a non-profit organization that I started as a high school senior project in 2008. I held a basketball camp and asked all of the participants to bring new hats to donate to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital Oncology Ward. I also fund raised and received donations from several businesses. As a direct result over 1000 hats were donated and I still continue to collect new hats and ship and deliver them to children suffering from cancer and other life threatening illnesses across the country. 

Sarah Will Win 

Sarah Murnaghan is an 11-year-old aspiring singer with Cystic Fibrosis who has been in the news a lot for receiving lung transplants from adult donors. Recently, around the time of her birthday, on her Facebook page her family posted that they were having trouble finding big girl pajamas that button up the front. She was in need of pajamas with buttons so that they could fit around her medical equipment easier. So my mom had the great idea to just send Sarah a brand new pair of button up big girl pajamas! Shortly after receiving her package from Hoops For Hats, Sarah was released from the hospital! I was so happy to see her wearing her new pajamas on the way home from the hospital but even more excited that she is on her way to recovery! 

Check out this news coverage on her arrival back at home!

Make sure you like her page on Facebook, Sarah Will Win!

Prayers for Addalynne

Addalyne is a gorgeous 5 year old from the Pittsburgh area who was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms Tumors about a year ago. Despite having to deal with more than most do in the first 5 years of their lives Addalynne always seems to have a smile on her face. She loves playing and dressing up in pretty dresses, you can see a ton of photos on her Facebook page, Prayers for Addalynne. I follow her progress on her page and have even attended one of her fundraising events! I actually had an opportunity to meet Addaylnne at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh when I was volunteering at the hospital's carnival, doing glitter tattoos for the children! It was a very special opportunity to get to meet Addalynne because it is not often that I get to meet the kids that the hats go to. She picked out a hat for herself and several more to pass out to her friends who where also in the hospital that day. My sister, Laura, who lives in Louisiana also sent a personalized peace sign bag set to deliver to Addalynne on her last day of chemo treatments.  

Check out her Facebook page to follow Addalynne's journey.  

Pray For Kate 

Beautiful 8-year-old Kate McRae is dealing with brain cancer so Hoops For Hats shipped her a get well package
to cheer her up! Check out her web site and her mother's blog!


"Kate's Crazy Cool Christmas"
Organized by 8-year-old Kate McRae who is suffering from brain cancer. 

Donations helped support 19 families.

One of the families asked specifically for Pittsburgh gear...Thanks to several donations Hoops For Hats was able to help support that family and several others! 

Way to go Kate! We are always thinking and praying for you!


Send a message if you are interested in donating to Hoops For Hats

Or E-mail abbeyway0811@gmail.com

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